Our story

Flymble was founded in June 2016 in the Netherlands by Vincent Hus and Henry Wynaendts, while planning a trip to Bangkok.

Online they found a flight ticket for £500, but they didn’t have the money at the time. It took 2 months to save up for the holiday, by working in a bar. When they looked for the flight again, they had to pay over £200 extra because the flight ticket increased in price. Since there was no solution to make such a big upfront payment without having saved up all of it or using a credit card, they dropped out of college and moved to London to start a company to solve that problem.

That company is Flymble. It is a booking platform that lets you book a flight for 1/10th upfront and spread the rest over time. Here is how it works: search for a flight ticket and choose to spread the cost over 3-to-10 equal monthly payments. Pay 1/10th upfront and receive your tickets.

A year later – Flymble has closed partnerships with the largest credit providers in the EU, are generating sales, has a team of 6 software engineers, and is ranked one of the top 10most popular travel products in the world on ProductHunt.com (a couple places below ‘Google Trips’).

Flymble HQ is based in Clerkenwell, London. So if you’re around, don’t hesitate to stop by for a cup of coffee or a game of pool!

Flymble team