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  • What is an e-ticket and where can I find it?

    The e-ticket is your flight confirmation from which you should print out and bring with you on your trip. After your reservation is complete, we will send you an email confirmation with an attached e-ticket.

    Please read your e-ticket carefully because it contains important information about your flights and the check-in process. If your flight is not eligible for online check-in, you will need to show the airline your e-ticket so that they can print out your boarding pass.

  • What if there is a delay in receiving my e-ticket?

    We have already started processing your booking. There may be a delay due to minor technical issues and we will send you confirmation as soon as the booking has been completed

    If you have not received any email from us at all, please contact our Customer Support Team to ensure that we have the correct email address for you.

  • Which name should I use for my booking?

    You should use the names exactly as they are written in your passport or travel ID.

    Your passport will indicate which names are first names and which names are surnames.

    1. If you have recently been married but your passport still has your maiden name, you should use your maiden name in the booking.
    2. If your passport says "John James Smith" but you don't commonly use your middle name, you still need to add it to your booking.
    3. Your middle name should be added together with your first name in the same input box. In this example, the first names would be John James.
    4. Similarly, all surnames should be added together in the correct order in the surname box.
      • Some airlines will not allow you to board the aircraft if the name on your booking does not match your travel ID or passport.
        Airlines can charge a fee to correct your name after the booking is made.
  • How do I know if my tickets are reserved?

    As soon as you receive the confirmation email.

    You should receive the confirmation email less than 30 minutes after making your booking.

  • What phone number should I provide?

    Please provide us with one or more phone numbers that we can reliably reach you on throughout your travels.

    If there are any schedule changes, cancellations, airport strikes, etc, we need to inform you and let you know your options.

    Entering a phone number
    1. Select your country code.
    2. Add your phone number in the international format.
      • For example, if you are from the UK, you should remove the first zero from your number.
  • What if I did not receive an email confirmation of my flights?

    Please check your spam folder and then contact us if you do not find anything.

    You should receive an email confirmation for your flights within two hours of making your booking, otherwise:
    • It could be in your spam folder
    • There could have been a typo in your email address when you created the booking, so please contact us on chat or by phone to correct this for you


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